Sabrina S

Get Healthy




"I designed this program because everything else on the market was too restrictive and too time consuming.


I lost 85lbs in 8 Months all while still enjoying my favorite junk food and only exercising for 15-Minutes!"

I am Sabrina S certified personal trainer & fitness nutritionist. I am also a mom of 2 wild toddlers. I had gained over 85 pounds between the two pregnancies in 2 years. I was weighing in at 226 lbs after birth and I was the heaviest I had ever been in ENTIRE LIFE. I was not comfortable in my own skin, I was out of shape and I felt really unhealthy. This made me depressed and unhappy. It was absolutely devastating! Everyone told me to relax because I recently had 2 children and it would take time to lose the baby weight but shizzzzzle this new mom bod was nottttt floating my boat. 

I couldn't let that be an excuse for myself. I hated myself for not eating healthier while pregnant and for letting myself go. I ate whatever I wanted, did not exercise and I was paying for it dearly by not being able to drop the "baby" weight. I knew in my heart it was not baby weight. 

It was "I ate EVERYTHING" weight. I was SOOOOOO nervous about having my daughter that I literally ate my emotions in MEGA, SUPERSIZE. It wasn't cute haha!

Donuts, pizza, sugary breakfast cereals, pasta, fast food etc. If it was fattening, I ate it. Not a single healthy food in sight. I am surprised I didn't get diabetes while pregnant!!! 

Prior to motherhood. I have tried COUNTLESS diets, always trying to lost about 10-20lbs. Whatever the newest fad was, I was on it like a fly is on $hit. (Yuck, I know! But I was ALWAYS trying and never ever ever successful but boy did the lord play a trick on me, I always thought I was FAT...until I really was LOL) I would look back at old pics while hoarding my BOX of donuts...not 1, not 2, AN ENTIRE BOX and bawl my eyes out wishing I could just look like pre-kids again and I promised I would appreciate my body!

ANYWAY bottom line, I could not stick to ANY sort of weight loss scheme because I LOVEEEEE FOOD and I am an emotional eater. The unhappier I was, the more I ate, which made me gain, which made me unhappy, which made me eat more and the vicious cycle began. 

In addition, I could not find the time or motivation to get to the gym, exercising regularly was a lot of work and took too much time and effort now that I was a mom! I honestly did not want to leave the house after having 2 children BACK.TO.BACK. I felt hopeless, soooooooo I did a ton of research, started studying and after much trial and error - HERE WE ARE! 
My 7-Step Weight Loss Program was born and it was IMPOSSIBLE, it felt selfish not to share it with beautiful mamas, ladies struggling the way I was!

I still cannot believe that I was capable of achieving my goal despite all my struggles! Although it took a while to see results (I am not here to lie to you, it does take TIME) I have finally figured out how to balance weight loss with my love of food and my hate for long exercise routines and I am here to share it with y'all! Yeehaw!!!!

And if you are scared $hitless about trying, message me, let's chat, no pressure at all xoxo