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What you will learn in this Bootcamp:

  • Instructions on how to lose fat in 7 easy steps.

  • Why you are currently not losing weight.

  • ABUNDANCE of nutritional information on ALL of the food groups and how they impact the body.

  • How to fuel your body for fat loss.

  • Explanation of 7-Day cycle to find balance between healthy food & junk food.

  • Understanding body chemistry.

  • Learning how to read labels to distinguish sneaky ingredients making you fat.

  • How to control your food rather than food controlling you.

  • Cut cravings, Why you get cravings, Which foods cause cravings.

  • Tips and tricks to help you through this journey.

  • Information about gluten free, sugar-free, & fat-free & how they impact the body.

  • Guidance to form new habits.

  • How malnutrition or starving yourself is stunting your progress.

  • And so much more!