Here is what can happen in 30 Days:

  • You can start feeling results RIGHT AWAY (Results may vary)

  • You will feel less bloated (Results may vary)

  • You'll have more energy 

  • You'll see how DELICIOUS healthy eating can be

  • You'll see how AMAZING & SHORT my 15-Minute Workouts are

  • AND you will lose inches and up to 10lbs!!! (Results may vary)

  • You can drop up to 1-2 dress size (Results may vary)

  1. Follow the Meal Plan 6 days a week!

  2. Every week enjoy a Cheat Day!

  3. Exercise 3x a week for 15-Minutes!  THAT'S IT!!!

What you will get:

  • Tips on How to Prepare

  • 30 Day Meal Plan List & Recipes

  • Access to 12 Videos, 15-Minute Workouts (3 Workouts per week)

  • 35 Day Access from date of Purchase


She lost 10inches on her WAIST!!!!!

Lala is a single full-time working mama to a beautiful toddler. She is an emotional eater and no matter what, she found herself turning to food. She has no extra time and has struggled with her weight since puberty.

Lala says:

"I've NEVER seen results like this even after throwing thousands of dollars away into weight loss."

This is the only program that I can adapt to my life completely because it adds real life into the equation. I have the opportunity to plan my own schedule and I the education and support provided is like nothing out there.

The Meal Plan is absolutely delicious and my toddler loves it too!!! And the short 15-Minute Workouts 3x a week build your endurance and strength. Last Jan I couldn’t walk my kid around the state park without 50 breaks and after this program, we were hiking in no time!

I feel amazing and even when I have a tough week and I am not following perfectly, I am still making major progress!"

Lala is still going strong and we hope to see more progress pictures soon!


Look what 30 Days can do!


She is down one full dress size (29 to a 27) in 30 Days!

And lost a total of 4lbs! (Yes only 4lbs and this is why I don't care for the scale!!! Her progress is worth so much more than 4lbs!!! This is why I stress taking pictures and measurements instead of focusing on the scale)

Read about her story!

Tania was a professional runway model and traveled the world for years before having her 3 sons! 11yrs old, 8yrs old and 20month old.

She definitely has her hands full with them now and on top of being a supermom, she also started her own business Aube Creations.

She never had an issue with excess weight throughout her entire life and not even with her pregnancies. Every womans dream!

She loves her wine, beer and chocolate (but hey who doesn't???) and definitely indulges in Quebec's fast food delicacy, the poutine. Yum!!!!

"I never struggled with food, I always ate what I wanted until my last pregnancy at 37yrs old. My metabolism changed when I hit 40 and I suffered from anxiety and stress of being a mom to 3 boys and an entrepreneur."

"I decided to try Sabrina's Bootcamp because I wanted to invest in myself. I didn't do this program to be fit, I did it to feel happy."

And here we are! She has made major progress and STILL going strong!

Again, let's tell her how amazing she is and let this be a reminder to you that it's never too late to focus on YOU!


If this working mama of 3 can do it, so can you!


"I have 3 kids at home aged 5, 2 and 10 weeks. I also have 2 kids in Heaven, one who passed away at the age of 5 days and the other was a miscarriage at 10 weeks. All this to say that I've had 5 pregnancies in 6 years!

I've always been athletic so I never really bothered with watching my diet and my motto was more or less "I workout so I can eat more". However, after having kids, I found myself with less time to get to the gym and it became more difficult for me to lose weight. I knew I had to change my diet and I knew I had to find workouts that wouldn't require hours in the gym. A friend suggested Sabrina's program to me and I decided to give it a try.

I have a super sweet and salty tooth so I knew that changing my diet to something sustainable would be a challenge but Sabrina's recipes are DE-LI-CIOUS and actually satisfy my sweet and salty cravings! She has a CHEAT day incorporated into her program! No joke!

As for spending hours in the gym, Sabrina's 15-Minute workouts are the perfect amount of time. You can squeeze in a workout at any point during your day because it's literally just 15 minutes!

What was also really helpful for me was the fact that Sabrina was ALWAYS available. She really goes above and beyond to guide you and motivate you because she truly wants to see you succeed...and you can!

Join the next Bootcamp! Let's do it together!"




Personal Trainer

Frequently asked questions:

What is the 30 Day Mini Bootcamp?

The 30 Day Mini Bootcamp in a nutshell is a low maintenance weight loss Bootcamp designed specifically for busy mamas who love food and have no time to get to the gym. This Program is based on my unique 7-Step Weight Loss Program and nutritional guidelines based on the chemistry of the metabolism to burn fat. The meal plan included is the least restrictive and the workouts are the least time consuming on the market. This Mini Bootcamp includes: 30 Day Meal Plan List & Recipes, 12 Exercise Videos (Only 15-Min each, access is gained for 35 days at time of purchase). This is a great option if you want to test out the meal plan and workouts prior to jumping into the 90 Day Lifestyle Bootcamp. See more info on 90 Day Lifestyle Bootcamp.

What is the 90 Day Lifestyle Bootcamp/Package & 7-Step Weight Loss Program?

The 90 Day Lifestyle Bootcamp in a nutshell is a low maintenance weight loss accountability Program designed specifically for busy mamas who want to learn how to create a healthy balanced lifestyle. This Program is based on my unique 7-Step Weight Loss Program and nutritional guidelines based on the chemistry of the metabolism and teach you what to eat to burn fat. This easy step-by-step program details EVERYTHING you need to know about how to achieve weight loss in 7 easy steps. This program is the least restrictive and least time consuming weight loss program on the market. My PRO & VIP packages include: 90 Day Meal Plan List & Recipes, 36 Exercise Videos (Only 15-Min each, hosted in the private accountability group), 7-Step Weight Loss Program Guide, Fuel Day Approved List of Food/ Beverages/ Sweeteners, Personalized Daily Calorie Goal, How to Measure & Take Progress Pictures Guide, access to my support & expertise within the group, access to the support & accountability Bootcamp group with a community of mamas with similar goals. VIP packages include everything listed above AND private 1x1 accountability coaching sessions. See more info on 90 Day Lifestyle Bootcamp.

30 Day Mini - This is my first time here, what can I expect?

Once you have purchased the 30 Day Mini, you will be emailed the How to Get Started Guide and Meal Plan List & Recipes. Within the same email you will request access to the 15-Minute Workout Videos. The Workout Videos will be available to you for 35 days upon date of purchase. You may purchase additional months for $9.99/Month. The Meal Plan List & Recipes will be yours to keep forever.

What type of Nutritional Program is this?

The Meal Plan List, recipes and nutritional guidelines are based on carb cycling. Carb cycling is a dietary approach in which you alternate carb intake on a 7-Day Cycle. (6 Fuel Days vs 1 Cheat Day) 

This program includes dairy, healthy fats, proteins and selective carbohydrates to speed up your metabolism and enable fat loss. These nutritional guidelines are the least restrictive on the market and are based on the chemistry of the metabolism.

What can I expect from these 15-Minute workouts?

The workouts are short yet effective 15-minute timed easy to follow videos. There is no equipment necessary and all fitness levels are welcome. The workout videos are included in the private Bootcamp group 3x a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and you will be able to access these videos at any time within the Private Facebook Bootcamp Group during the allotted time frame of the Bootcamp.

These workouts focus on full body exercises (but not limited to this) and strength training to build and sculpt your muscles so that they can work for you on your days off. This does not mean you will bulk up. 15-Minutes is ALL you need to get into the best shape of your life!

If you are pregnant --> I highly suggest the Weight Management Pregnancy Guide Add-On.

If you have an injury --> I highly suggest the Exercise Modification for Injury Add-On.

Does this Program include a Meal Plan?

Every package includes a 30 Day or 90 Day Meal Plan List & Recipes. The Meal Plan & Recipes is the most important aspect on your weight loss journey. It includes a list of snacks, breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts which are easy to prepare with/ without recipes. AND most importantly you get a Cheat Day every week to enjoy unlimited Junk Food!!!

Can you tell me what a typical day on your Meal Plan looks like?

Here is a sample of the meals & snacks you would enjoy on a Fuel day following my Meal plan:

•Breakfast: Spinach/mozzarella omelette
•Snack: Hummus/veggies
•Lunch: Turkey chili with cheese
•Snack: Celery or apples w/ peanut butter
•Dinner: Eggplant rollatini
•Dessert: Chocolate mousse

***Please note this is just a general idea and the above mentioned meals/snacks may not be included on the particular program you choose.

Why will the Recipes speed up my fat loss?

Knowing what ingredients to use in each recipe will speed up your fat loss. Each ingredient affects our body differently, therefore knowing exactly what to use will ensure you are not stunting your weight loss goals. Advertisement and marketing have led us to believe many food products and ingredients are healthy yet they do the complete opposite of what we are trying to achieve. It is important to cook at home and to learn which ingredients to use when trying to lose weight. Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring and my recipes are proof of how delicious eating healthy can be! This also includes delicious meal and snack recipes the whole family will love!

Why will the Personalized Daily Calorie Goal speed up my fat loss?

Every person is unique and requires a different calorie goal in order to lose weight. Learning exactly how much you should consume each day will speed up your weight loss. Calorie counting is crucial on your weight loss journey at least in the beginning because it teaches you about the quality of your food and makes you aware about portion sizes but most importantly gives you a goal to attain to avoid starvation mode (which stunts fat loss). Also, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is very important to eat the correct amount of calories per day to avoid mal-nutrition. This option is not included in the 30 Day Mini Bootcamp but may be purchased here.

Is this Program like Keto or Low-Carb? Does it follow the same guidelines?

My program is much less restrictive than keto & low-carb and my guidelines are based on eating natural, avoiding artificial ingredients and avoiding food that is quickly digested as sugar which turns into fat if not used as an energy source immediately. The main focus is nourishing your body with healthy natural ingredients and those that can speed up your metabolism. Ex: My program chooses raw natural honey regardless of a high calorie content as opposed to Keto which advises to use Stevia, an artificial low-calorie sweetener. Something as simple as this can make or break your fat loss because artificial ingredients are soooooo bad for us!

I am pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Is this Bootcamp safe for me?

Absolutely! There are absolutely no supplements involved in this Bootcamp and the meal plan is based on 100% real food that can be found in your local grocery store. Also, despite a common misconception, women are not fragile while pregnant and staying in shape is actually the BEST thing you can do for yourself and for your baby. It is always best to speak with your doctor before starting any type of program. I highly suggest purchasing the Weight Management Pregnancy Guide to learn how to safely stay fit and manage your weight with proper nutrition. There are many benefits of this Bootcamp such as having an easier delivery, faster recovery, keep your energy up and keep your aches and pains to a minimum in this guide and so many more! This add-on also includes a personalized daily calorie goal based on your unique pregnancy weight management needs. ***Added bonus: I have included 3 sweet tooth recipes to keep your cravings to a minimum! This can be added after your purchase for $39.99 - Please send me a private message here.

I am breastfeeding. Is this Program safe to do while breastfeeding?

This Program is safe to do while breastfeeding and is extremely healthy for you and your baby. There are absolutely no supplements involved in this Bootcamp and the meal plan is based on 100% real food that can be found in your local grocery store. It is always best to speak with your doctor before starting any type of program while breastfeeding. Weight loss can be tricky while breastfeeding and if not done properly, it can affect your milk supply. I highly suggest you purchase the Weight Loss Breastfeeding guide to learn how to manage weight loss while breastfeeding without impacting your milk supply and sending your body into starvation mode (aka stunting your fat loss). It is vital for breastfeeding mommies to become educated and to follow these guidelines while trying to lose weight and to learn how to nourish your body to maintain your healthy milk supply and become aware on how exercise can impact you as well. This add-on also includes a personalized daily calorie goal based on your unique weight loss and breastfeeding needs. ***Added bonus: I have included 3 recipes to boost your milk supply. This can be added after your purchase for $39.99 - Please send me a private message here.

I have done so many weight loss programs in the past, how is this one any different?

This Bootcamp is based on my unique 7-Step Fat/Weight Loss Program which is designed with REAL LIFE in mind and most importantly it is based on the chemistry of the food you eat. This is about creating a new healthy lifestyle that can be easily maintained forever. Most people give up on their weight loss goals because they cannot realistically stick to whatever fad diet or intense exercise program they sign up for OR they end up gaining all the weight back once they go back to normal eating habits.

 In addition, my nutritional research and guidelines are based on the science of the body and clearly explains why and how you are not losing weight by consuming certain foods and ingredients. You will be well educated on how each food group and ingredient is digested in your body so you can no longer be fooled by fancy advertising or marketing ploys. A perfect example is Oatmeal. This is advertised as healthy when in reality it is extremely unhealthy and the main ingredient (Oats) is digested and immediately turned into sugar which your body will store as fat.

What is Cheat Day?

Cheat day is everything you have ever dreamed of in a program! Cheat Day comes along 1x a week and you are encouraged to indulge in anything and everything your heart desires in unlimited amounts. This is a form of carb cycling. Cheat Day is your PIG OUT day! And it will absolutely not stunt your weight loss goals. I am proof. I lost 85lbs in 8 months and I enjoyed my Cheat Day every single week! Cheat day is truly what will help you maintain this 7-Step Program as your new found lifestyle forever and ever.


Do I need a gym membership, gym equipment and/or protein supplements to do this program?

You will not need to make any additional purchases to get the maximum results out of this program. All of those extra expenses are unnecessary. All you need is a local grocery store and your body!

I currently eat healthy and I am active but I am struggling to reach my goals. How will this program help me?

If you are struggling to reach your goals, it is 100% based on the food you are consuming. The common nutritional guidelines which have been pumped into our brain are actually unhealthy and will stunt your fat loss. My guidelines explain everything in detail so you know exactly what to avoid on your fat loss journey. A perfect example is the assumption that Quinoa is healthy when in fact it is extremely unhealthy and the main ingredient is digested and immediately turned into sugar which your body will store as fat.